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Spatial Development Framework

Spatial Development Framework

12 August 2016

An Overview

The main aim of the Spatial Development Framework above is to formulate spatially based policy guidelines whereby changes, needs and growth in the region can be managed to the benefit of the whole community.

The Spatial Development Framework further guides and informs all decisions of the Municipality relating to use, development and planning of land. This will have to be balanced with the need to provide adequately for the social and economic needs of the growing population. In particular, it will identify opportunities for future development and conservation and make recommendations as to where and how development or conservation should take place. In doing so, the framework will not make detailed proposals for specific land portions, but will rather provide broad spatial guidelines to assist decision making with regard to land use/spatial planning.

• Status quo analysis of the Port St John’s area
• Vision and objectives for desired spatial form
• Policies and guidelines with respect to land use management
• Desired spatial form