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Traditional Leader Information & Contact Details
LALU G.  Lalu M.

Ilali: Upper Ntafufu

Contact : 0738882760

LANGA Z. Langa Z.

Ilali: Tombo

Contact : 0828326931

MALINDI X.P  Malindi X.P.

Ilali: Mbotyi

Contact : 0834805362

SIGCAU N. Sigcau N.

Ilali: Jambeni

Contact : 0792265788

Ndamase N.S Ndamase N.S.

Ilali: Qandu

Contact : 0810519860

NDAMASE M.Z Ndamase M.Z.

Ilali: Mrhuleni

Contact : 0784386504

MSUNGUBALI S. Msungubali S.

Ilali: Ntsimbini

Contact : 0710903716

The role of the traditional leaders at the PSJ Local Municipality is to:

  • administer the affairs of the traditional community in accordance with customs and tradition;
  • assist, support and guide traditional leaders in the performance of their functions;
  • work together with municipalities in the identification of community needs;
  • facilitate the involvement of the traditional community in the development or amendment of the integrated development plan of a municipality in whose areas that community resides;
  • recommend, after consultation with the relevant Local House and the Provincial House of Traditional Leaders, appropriate interventions to government that will contribute to development and service delivery within the area of jurisdiction of the traditional council;
  • participate in the development of policy and legislation at local level;
  • participate in the development programmes of municipalities and of the provincial and national spheres of government;
  • promote the ideals of co-operative governance, integrated development planning, sustainable development and service delivery;
  • promote indigenous knowledge systems for sustainable development and disaster management;
  • alert any relevant municipality to any hazard or calamity that threatens the area of jurisdiction of the traditional council in question, or the well-being of people living in such area of jurisdiction, and to contribute to disaster management in general;
  • share information and co-operate with other traditional councils;
  • perform the functions conferred by customary law, customs and statutory law consistent with the Constitution.
  • to uphold the values of the traditional community;
  • reject and proscribe such practices as the sowing of divisions based on tribalism;
  • promote peace and stability amongst members of traditional communities; and
  • promote social cohesion within the traditional community.